Safety and Security

Safety comes first

Emergency Brake Warning Light

The Emergency Brake Warning Light ensures you and other vehicles on the road stay safe. In the event that you suddenly brake the car, the Emergency Brake Warning Lights activate and flashes to alert following vehicles. The Park Distance Control (PDC) keeps you safe while reversing by signalling if there are any obstacles behind you.

Up/downhill Assist

The P-Series Commercial Double Cab is equipped with an up/downhill assist control that helps prevent roll-back when adventuring up steep slopes.

Daytime Running Lights

The daytime running lamp (DRL) help make surrounding objects and vehicles more visible in low light situations with advanced visual effects.

Safety Features

The GWM P-Series Commercial Double Cab comes standard with groundbreaking safety features such as a hydraulic brake assist system (HBA); traction control system (ASR/TCS); collision automatic unlock function and so much more.