All-round Airbags

The vehicle is equipped with front row seat dual airbags, front row seat side airbags, and longitudinal throughout curtain airbags to achieve a more extensive protection area and, in event of collision, effectively protect the safety of interior passengers.

Bosch 9. 3 Generation ESP

It integrates HDC, HHC, ABS, EBD, HBA, RMI, TCS and other safety configuration, and newly adds P-gear parking, secondary collision mitigation functions. With stronger performance, faster response, higher work efficiency, it keeps the body stable, reduces the accident probability, assists in the body control, and ensures the safety factor under special driving conditions (such as snow and wet road).

L2 Pilot Assist

Science and technology ensures safety. Through the intelligent forward-looking module and radar probe, the active safety protection in all road conditions, all situations and all weather is realized, and the three-dimensional safe mobility mode of active identification, quick action and prevention is truly realized.


The body inclination adjustment assist and light sensation ON/OFF function and the multiple lighting assist functions can meet the lighting needs under different road conditions to intensify the steering lighting and improve the driving safety.