Haval Unveils the Future

Haval Unveils the Future

In a world of Sports Utility noise, with many brands and many variations of small to medium SUVs on offer to the South African motorist, the Haval H2 injects a breath of fresh air into this genre of motor vehicles that is somewhat over populated and has done so since its first introduction to the South African market in May 2017. Since the model’s SA launch, the Haval H2 sales have dramatically increased earning it the second best sales volume in the small SUV category from the third quarter of this year.

The current incarnation of Haval H2 has gained great traction in the market and this through some A- list features and accolades. Being a true ANCAP 5 star achiever and being packed with features at a great value proposition price point, it’s no surprise that many have opted for the Haval H2 as their SUV of choice.

With the above said, the only constant in life is change and Haval Motors South Africa is pleased to unveil the latest Haval H2 Facelift at the Wesbank Festival of Motoring, with the plan to replace the current version at the end of the first quarter of 2020.

The 2020 Haval H2 Facelift will be available in four derivatives with manual and automatic drive trains being available and with different levels of specification namely the base or City model and then the Luxury model to choose from. The new H2 will be available in eight colour variants namely Classical Black, Hamilton White, Pittsburgh Silver, Datura Red, Atlantis Blue, Brown, Red with black roof and Brown with White roof.

Stylistically the new H2 looks totally different with a revised front grill; arrow shaped lights and updated front and rear bumpers. The vehicles bonnet and fenders are also updated giving the new H2 a totally updated and revised stance and aesthetic appeal. 18 inch wheels are retained but a new 5 spoke star wheel is adopted to further enhance the overall aggressive and dynamic look.

The interior of the new H2 features Carplay as standard feature across the range as well as a sunroof in all models; however the Luxury model will offer a panoramic version. An all new Shifter has been introducing for the Auto model with various minor updates to the upholstery and finishing.

Mechanically the new H2 features the same engines, gearboxes, suspension, chassis and safety features as its predecessor.

Haval Motor South Africa is happy to bring you the all new Haval H2. New car, same safety, reliability and trust. The H2 is still, Driven to impress.

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