GWM Holds 2021 Overseas Distributors Online Conference

On August 9, GWM held the 2021 Overseas Distributors Online Conference themed “To Change & For Future.”

Representatives from almost 200 overseas distributors from more than 60 countries and regions such as Russia, Australia, South Africa, Middle East, North Africa, Central and South America were invited to participate in the live-streamed conference. The aim of the conference is to clarify the concept of continuous change, convey GWM’s strategy, and strengthen confidence in the strategy through performance reviews.

GWM achieved sales growth against the backdrop of the continued rebound of COVID-19 and the global chip shortage. From January to July, 2021, the overall sales volume of GWM exceeded 700,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 49.9%, and overseas sales exceeded 74,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 176.2%, accounting for 10.4% of the overall sales, demonstrating how enormous potential it has built up for the global market and how advanced its strategy is under the new situation. Encouraged by this, overseas distributors have overcome difficulties and made breakthroughs. GWM awarded benchmarks for sales in overseas markets including DERCO Chile, ADMC Saudi Arabia, RIMCO Côte d’Ivoire, and “NEW ENERGYUKRAINE” Ukraine with Sales Pioneer Awards.

Based on what has been achieved and the 2025 strategy, Meng Xiangjun, the Rotating President of GWM, pointed out at the conference that the only way to winning globally is continuous change. He encouraged all GWM people to win in this global change, making sure that GWM should stand out from other competitors by focusing on product-oriented strategy and insisting on user operation.

Based on the category operation strategy, GWM will innovate categories, lead the development of new segments, and make its products a winner. GWM will make its products global hits through “single product evolution” and “category differentiation”, enable brand momentum to be driven by rapid product iteration, and become the winner of the segments with competitive differentiation. Following the global trend of electrification, networking, and intelligence, GWM will lead the new energy segment with a full range of EV models, rely on technical strength to consolidate its leading position as an intelligent brand, and create greener, smarter and safer products for global users.

On the basis of product-oriented winning, GWM will win the hearts of users based on around, and all-field innovation through “deep enterprise reforms”, in order to ultimately achieve brand-oriented winning. In addition to building a systematic user operation and service system, GWM is promoting co-creation by global users, refined marketing, and cooperation with online influencers and KOCs to achieve marketing upgrades and method iterations, break through the public domain to gain customers and strengthen private domain retention and conversion, thus consolidating an intelligent and innovative service ecosystem, exceeding global users’ expectations and achieving word-of-mouth fission.

At the conference, GWM emphasized to overseas distributors the strategic objectives to make global production and sales volumes reach 4 million units and the overseas sales reach 1 million units by 2025. GWM will take the brand-new product segment as ammunition and all-around user operation as the target to create diversified product experiences and innovative methods for global users. GWM will continue to change and win the future in global competitions.

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