Front Double-wishbone Suspension

Double-wishbone independent front suspension, with a classic structure of strong off-road SUV, has two wishbones that could absorb motion transverse forces at the same time, so that the support only bears body weight. Therefore, transverse rigidity is high enough to ensure the tyre contacts ground closely, and the body is stable under various road conditions. The Upper and lower wishbones with unequal length can change camber angle when wheels are moving up and down to reduce tread variation and tyre wear, also guarantee comfortable driving and seating.

2.0L Turbocharging Direct Injection Engine

It has 12 advanced technologies, such as professional SUV power adjustment, in-cylinder direct injection, dual-channel pressurization, and dual VVT variable valve timing. The engine reaches the maximum torque of 350N·m at 1800rpm and keeps high torque output until 3600rpm, and realize efficient power of “low speed and high torque”, with both strong power and fuel economy.

Professional Non-bearing Chassis Platform/Professional SUV Super Trafficability

Professional chassis structure and frame ensure the torsional and drag resistance property of the body during cross-country and rough road driving, so as to ensure the safety of the occupants. The approach is 28°,the departure angle is 23°,the minimum ground clearance is 206mm,and the maximum fording depth is 700mm.

Professional Off-road Equipment

It is equipped with rear Eaton electronically controlled mechanical differential lock, which can be manually locked, firm and reliable. The central multi-plate clutch differential mechanism can realize the locking function. With powerful equipment, you can enjoy extraordinary cross-country driving.